Mad and Bad?

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The recently foiled plot by Muslims (the words Islamist and Muslim are synonymous) to assassinate the Queen illustrates the folly of encouraging the mass immigration of Africans and Asians, people who have an entirely alien culture and religion to our own.

As Enoch Powell said ‘We must be mad, literally mad’. Only it is not we, the ordinary people of Britain, who are mad, but the Lib-Lab-Con politicians who sit at Westminster fiddling their expenses while Britain burns and those of UKIP who do the same at Brussels and Strasbourg.

The Queen, other members of the royal family, the prime minister, other members of the Cabinet and privy council are all guarded around the clock by armed police officers, as a necessary precaution against terrorists.

But what of the rest of us, ordinary citizens? Are we not also likely to be the target of terrorists who hate us? 7/7 proved that we are. How long before another 9/11 type plot by Muslims succeeds in Britain?

The only answer to this kind of threat is to close our borders to further immigration by persons who are not of British ancestry and to deport the estimated three million illegal immigrants in the country, as well as all convicted foreign criminals, failed asylum seekers and overstayers.

That, along with a ban on the commissioning of any more mosques, on the halal slaughter of animals and on the wearing in public of the burka and similar garb, would constitute a measured response to the deadly threat to our security posed by the conjunction of a rapidly growing Muslim population and a declining population of our own people.

Instead of welcoming back those traitors who have fought for ISIS, with a shoulder on which to cry their crocodile tears, they should forfeit their British citizenship and be banned from returning. Those who have already returned should be extradited to the countries in which they were unlawful combatants – Iraq or Syria – provided the governments of those countries affirm they will receive a fair trial and that their human rights will be respected. This should not preclude the execution of a sentence of capital punishment where appropriate.

There should be no futile attempt to ‘deprogramme’ or rehabilitate these traitors, nor should they be rewarded for their treason by being paid to give lectures or lead seminars on their experience of ‘radicalization’ or jihad.

We must defend the rights our ancestors won and we inherited as our most precious birthright: free speech; freedom of the press and other media; freedom of association; freedom of conscience; freedom from arbitrary detention without charge and trial. All these rights are under attack from an increasingly authoritarian political Establishment which uses the threat of Islamist terror, they allowed to take root in the country, as a pretext for stifling democratic dissent by our people.

The Conservatives’ Extremism Disruption Order (EDO), which is to feature in their manifesto for the general election, is a good example of the growing antidemocratic tendency of the political Establishment and its aping of neighbouring countries that lack our heritage of unbroken parliamentary democracy and common law.

The European Arrest Warrant, which allows the oppressive criminal justice systems of other EU countries to extradite suspects from Britain without presenting persuasive prima facie evidence to a British court, is another example of Lib-Lab-Con’s insidious undermining of our civil liberties. For us the European Arrest Warrant is unnecessary in that, once outside the European Union, Britain could easily negotiate a single extradition treaty containing proper democratic safeguards with the rump of the EU.

The loss of our civil liberty is far too high a price to pay for membership of the failed EU and the presence of a religion, many of whose adherents are profoundly hostile to our Christian values and culture and who provide the sea in which the suicide bombers and other jihadist terrorists swim.

Only Patria has the remedy for what ails our country and the will to administer the medicine. In your heart you know we’re right. We can save our country. With your help, together we will save our country!