Lord Fearmonger calling…

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‘Remaniac-in-Chief’ Lord Adonis SAVAGED by Julia Hartley-Brewer for attempt to THWART Brexit

REMAINER Lord Adonis was subjected to a thorough roasting because of his claims the British economy will be harmed once the United Kingdom officially leaves the European Union, despite negative forecast having been proved wrong since the Brexit vote.


1 February, 2018

Radio presenter Julia Hartley-Brewer tore into the anti-Brexit peer after he claimed the economic after-effects of leaving the European Union had yet to hit the UK.

Late last year, Lord Adonis stepped down from his role as chair of the National Infrastructure Commission in order to “fight Brexit.”

Mrs Hartley-Brewer curtailed his attempts to make his case, reminding him Britons had voted to break up with Brussels.

She said: “We made our choice! Is it just possible that maybe, for the majority of the people in this country, it’s not all about money? Maybe there are other things that matter.

“Lord Adonis we’ve had this argument ahead of the referendum. The British people were told it was going to be terrible economically.

“Everybody in the Establishment, everybody in the City, everybody in business, everyone in Government, everybody in major parties said ‘it’s all going to be terrible, don’t do it.’ They said it would be a disaster immediately. We were told.”

Lord Adonis said the so-called Project Fear had not been “proved false” and Britain could still suffer severe economic falls and people will later complain about job losses.

But the TalkRADIO host rebuked him immediately, saying: “Lord Adonis, with all due respect when was the last time you stood for election?

“You’ve never stood for election. You’ve got no mandate from anybody for your role.”

Lord Adonis added: “I think for most of those who voted to leave it wasn’t all about money. They do genuinely think that being poorer is a good trade-off for being freer.

“It might seem like a very good idea when it’s not actually happening to you in real time but I’m enough of a politician to know that when you start knocking on people’s doors – their jobs in jeopardy, the companies they work for can’t sell their goods to Germany because there’s a lot of red tape that wasn’t there before – opinions will change.”

It comes after leading economist Professor Patrick Minford destroyed claims the UK will suffer from Brexit no matter the type of deal it agrees with the European Union.

Prof Minford dismissed a leaked Brexit report, saying: “Fundamentally, they just used the wrong method. They got in a muddle and it’s a bit of a mess.

“If you put in the assumptions of free trade, and even if you put in ‘no deal’, we are better off by four per cent because we do free trade with the whole world and that’s the key point.”