Lock the back-door

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Revealed: How illegal immigrants are now ‘paying thousands of pounds to be smuggled into Britain via the Irish border’ by flying from Paris to Dublin to evade cross-Channel security

Criminal invaders are paying at least £10,000 for new EU passports to get them to the UK before being flown from Paris to Dublin, then driven to Belfast

After a ferry to Scotland they go to London by road to start a life of crime in Britain

Iranian Hamid admits he wasn’t worried about being caught because of lax security

People smuggler told the BBC ‘Irish route’ is ‘a guaranteed way to get into the UK’


6 June 2018

A new people-smuggling route to Britain via Ireland has been set up to dodge tighter security in Calais and Dover with one illegal immigrant who did it claiming police and border agents haven’t cottoned on, it was revealed today.

Immigrants are paying at least £10,000 for new EU passports before being flown from Paris to Dublin on the promise identity checks will be lax.

They then travel by car over the UK border into Northern Ireland, take the ferry from Belfast to Glasgow and then the final leg to London by road to start their life of crime in Britain.

A brazen people-smuggler making a fortune from the scam has said the ‘Irish route’ is ‘a guaranteed way to get into the UK’ because after a passport check in Dublin that is the last time ID documents are shown.

One Iranian illegal immigrant called Hamid has done the journey and said he was ‘not worried’ about being caught because of the weak security in Ireland.

His safe passage to Britain cost him £10,000 and a genuine Greek passport adapted to include his photograph was only checked once in Dublin and never again.

He told BBC South-East, who have investigated the route, that police and border officials appear to have been focusing their efforts on the Calais and Dover areas.

Describing what happened he said: ‘When I got on the plane I was not worried.

‘When we arrived in Dublin, I went through passport control – I passed through the checks and was able to leave.

‘This route from Dublin is still fresh and the police do not focus on it as they do at Gatwick or Heathrow’.

Former director general of immigration enforcement Dave Wood said the investigation had revealed a huge gap in security.

He said: ‘If there are weaknesses at Irish ports or Irish airports, they will exploit them and use them, because once you’re into Ireland, effectively you’re into the UK.

‘There’s nothing stopping people once you’re in Ireland travelling north to Northern Ireland and then to the wider UK.’