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Nigel Farage boasts EU pays him more than a Goldman Sachs banker

15 March 2014

A video emerges in which Mr Farage boasts about how he is paid more than a Goldman Sachs banker because he employs his wife as a secretary

The video, which dates from 1999, shows Mr Farage saying that “everyone’s a winner with Europe”.

The emergence of the video has fuelled Ukip concerns that the Conservative Party are orchestrating a smear campaign against Mr Farage and members of his party.

In the video Mr Farage is seen fanning himself with bank notes and criticising the expenses regime in the European Parliament.

He then says that for four working four days and making one journey he can claim £1,900.

He adds: “It’s a good job this. I worked it out that because so much of what you get is after tax that if you used the secretarial allowances to pay your wife on top of all the other games you play I reckon this job in sterling terms is worth over £250,000 a year to you – that is what you would need to earn working for Goldman Sachs or someone like that.”

Mr Farage’s German-born second wife, Kirsten Mehr, is employed by him on a salary of up to £20,000 a year using EU parliamentary assistant allowances that are worth almost £220,000.

Miss Fuller is paid out of the allowance as a “local assistant” working at Ukip’s London press office.