Licensed to kill?

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VIP child abuse and a conspiracy of silence


24 July 2015

A letter allegedly unearthed from an old Whitehall store cupboard provides yet more evidence that a paedophile ring at the heart of the British establishment was cynically covered up.

The then head of MI5, Sir Antony Duff, is reporting to Cabinet Secretary Lord Armstrong on investigations into an MP with ‘a penchant for small boys’.

He warns that although the security risk posed by the unnamed man is low, exposure of the allegations could lead to ‘embarrassment for the Government’.

And because the MP had denied abusing children, he indicates it would be best to drop the matter.

At no stage does Sir Antony express any concern for the children this man allegedly abused, or fears that he may go on to abuse others. And he certainly doesn’t suggest calling in the police.

Quizzed by the Mail yesterday, Lord Armstrong defended what many would regard as a gross dereliction of duty. ‘They made what inquiries they could’, he said. ‘It was not my business.’

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