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KATIE HOPKINS: The politicians now have hundreds of troops protecting them while telling the rest of us to Keep Calm, Stay ‘United’ and Carry On. But who is going to protect OUR kids from the terror THEY let in?

By Katie Hopkins for MailOnline

25 May 2017

At this difficult time, Britain is faced with some hard questions the people charged with protecting us are going to have to answer sooner or later.

The Manchester suicide bomber Salman Abedi was known to the authorities.

He is believed to have travelled to the Middle East and become radicalised before returning to the UK to cause carnage at a gig in the city where he was born just days later.

As his father and brother were arrested in Libya, security force sources there said the father had links to Al Qaeda and another source claimed the brother ‘was aware of all the details’ of attack plans.

Yet he was allowed to walk back into the UK unchallenged.

What planet are we on when in the face of all these red flags, our leaders allow such deeply suspicious characters back into Britain and then expect us to swallow their lies that we will not give in to terror?

We didn’t just give in. We put out the WELCOME HOME mat for them too.

‘Business as usual,’ they said.

‘We carry on as normal,’ they said.

‘We are stronger,’ they reminded us. Over and over. A propaganda machine in full flow.

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Patria says:-

A propaganda machine indeed. And yet BBC radio last night broadcast sick jokes about the jihadist atrocity in Manchester. It seems the BBC finds the murder and maiming of our children by ethnic aliens a source of amusement. I wonder whose side the BBC is on? With a Muslim as its Head of Religious Programming, not ours, that’s for sure.