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Asylum seeker who launched a sex attack on a woman after being saved from deportation by an MP is jailed for 30 months

Sri Lankan Sivarajah Suganthan, 31, remained in UK after 2011 campaign

Bristol West MP Stephen Williams took his asylum fight to Westminster

In 2014 he attacked a woman in a hostel who awoke to find him attacking her

Suganthan, who has a conviction for shoplifting, was jailed for sex assault


14 September 2016

An asylum seeker has been jailed for 30 months for a sex attack carried out three years after he was saved from deportation in a campaign led by his local MP.

Sri Lankan-born Sivarajah Suganthan, 31, was allowed to remain in the UK thanks to a 2011 campaign headed by Lib Dem MP for Bristol West Stephen Williams.

After an 800-signature petition was presented to Parliament calling for a halt to the deportation process, Suganthan – nicknamed Siva – moved in with friends in Bristol.

But three years later the father-of-two preyed on a vulnerable 21 year-old who had rejected his advances at a night shelter.

Bristol Crown Court heard that she woke at 3am to find her knickers pulled down and Suganthan forcing a sex act on her.

DNA at the scene of the assault in February 2014 proved it was him and Suganthan, who has a previous conviction for shoplifting, was arrested shortly afterwards.

After initially pleading not guilty, he confessed to the crime on the day of his trial – but still maintains he ‘doesn’t remember doing it’, the court heard.

Two and a half years after the attack, he has been finally jailed by a judge who slammed the ‘inexplicable’ delay in getting the case to court.

Judge Martin Picton called for a review of the Crown Prosecution Service’s handling and said ‘lessons should be learned’ to ensure it ‘never happens again’.

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Patria says:-

Since the Crown Prosecution Service is dominated by alien elements who are hostile to our people perhaps the delay in getting the case to court is not as inexplicable as Mr Picton would have us believe. Look at the way the CPS refused to prosecute the late Greville Janner until it was too late to do so.

The judge in this case almost apologizes for having to send this criminal invader and convicted thief and sex offender to prison. The sentence of thirty months, which really means fifteen months’ gaol time, is an insult to the victim.

Deport this felon to Sri Lanka at the end of his sentence, or earlier if we can be sure he will serve the remainder of it in a Sri Lankan prison.