Levelling down to the Third World in the name of Equality

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Live and Let Live

10:16 AM on 30/03/2013

Yes, the people of Chichester are indeed privileged and fortunate to live here but what makes you think you have exclusive rights and other people don’t have a right to enjoy what you obviously do?

Outside of your privileged and racist world other people need somewhere to live. There is a shortage of affordable housing in the South East and it has to be addressed.affordable housing will only come about by increasing the housing supply. Not for people such as yourself quite obviously but for those not as ‘fortunate and priviledged’ as you.


Dr Andrew Emerson replies

12:50 PM on 05/04/2013

Your argument boils down to saying: if one place, such as Chichester, is a nicer place to live than others, then that nicer place should be made much less nice by having thousands of new houses and newcomers inflicted upon it.

If it were not for successive Lib-Lab-Con governments’ open door mass immigration policy, Britain, including the South East, would have a declining population. And where would be the harm in that? It would mean, amongst other benefits, that houses and flats would all become relatively cheaper and more affordable because there would be much less demand for them.

Then there are the hidden millions of people who are in our country illegally. They are also occupying properties, no doubt many of which are social housing, to which they have no right.

Our schools and hospitals, GPs, dentists, libraries, roads and sewerage system will all be overstrained if hundreds, let alone the projected thousands, of new homes are built in the Chichester area.

The long-term solution to this problem of increasing population, particularly in the South East, is to reduce demand, by stopping immigration, rather than to attempt to increase supply by concreting over our countryside.

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