Letter to Juncker

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To His Excellency Jean-Claude Junker, President for Life of the EU Federation

Dear Jean-Claude

Many congratulations upon the development of your cunning scheme to retain the annual contributions of Perfidious Albion to our glorious projekt of ever closer union. And on selecting a Remainer (of limited intelligence and even less imagination) as the UK’s prime minister to replace ‘Call me Dave’.

Who would have thought that holding all the aces as she did, she would have been so easy to bluff into a state of cringing servility to the greedy beneficiaries of the UK’s purchasing power and largesse? All that is now left is to give her another few days of humiliation in the UK parliament before she is forced to resign and call a general election.

With our domination of the corporate media there should be little difficulty in influencing the outcome in favour of another hung parliament, with the SNP or Liberal Democrats holding the balance of power. A second referendum should follow.

Yours Angela