Leaving the EU must mean no customs union and no ECJ oversight

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Comment by John M

The whole ‘chlorinated chicken’ and ‘hormone beef’ furore is disingenuous on two levels. Firstly, when the EU agreed TTIP the EU had agreed to accept them and a wide range of other things, with the labels omitting the details. That was one of the reasons so many people objected to it. The EU, however, did not stop the deal, Trump did. Secondly, people should have the right to make an informed choice and labelling must not omit details required by domestic law.

As for the customs union, it not only allows the EU to force deals on the UK, there is no automatic accession to them for UK exporters. We would have to abide by accepting goods from any countries involved, but they would not be required to reciprocate. Then, of course, payment of 80% of any tariffs collected would still be sent to Brussels (up to around £4 billion per year, currently) and probably the 3% of our VAT that has been hidden for so long. ECJ oversight would continue.

Yet the three things we were told, categorically, would end if we voted to leave in the 2016 referendum were: UK membership of the customs union, paying billions to Brussels because of our membership and continued oversight by the ECJ.