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Slovak rapist who was able to settle in Britain DESPITE having a string of sex offences in his home country is jailed for life for abusing children as young as three in Rotherham

Eduard Peticky was jailed in native Slovakia in 1988 for raping two women

Was branded a ‘dangerous repeat offender’ with ‘psychopathic personality’

But 20 years later he was allowed to come to the UK for a ‘better life’

After settling in Yorkshire, trafficked and abused young girls with brother


12 August 2015

A ‘psychopathic’ Slovakian rapist allowed to settle in the UK has been jailed for life for sexually abusing and trafficking children as young as three in Rotherham.

Eduard Peticky travelled to England in 2008 for a ‘better life’ and was allowed to stay despite convictions for rape, sexual abuse and robbery in his home country.

Sentencing him yesterday, the judge condemned Peticky’s crime as ‘horrific’ and said reports from Slovakian authorities showed he had a ‘psychopathic personality’.

Peticky, 48, had been jailed in 1988 for more than eight years after raping two women in a park with two accomplices and was branded ‘a dangerous repeat offender’ in Slovakia.

After settling in South Yorkshire he trafficked a young girl for sex before abusing her himself, Sheffield Crown Court heard.

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Patria says:-

Foreign criminals must not be allowed into Britain. Foreigners and naturalized British citizens who are convicted of a crime in Britain must be deported to serve their sentence in their country of origin. In the case of the latter, they must first be stripped of their British citizenship.

Eastern European convicts in Britain say that, compared to what they are used to, our prisons are like a spa. They must not be a charge upon the public purse. They must do their porridge, or borscht, in the more Spartan environment of an Eastern European prison and at the expense of their own country’s taxpayers.

If supranational bodies such as the EU and European Court of Human Rights object, so much the worse for them. We should renounce the European Convention on Human Rights, repeal the Human Rights Act, 1998 and leave the EU. We must also strengthen our border and immigration policy to make it fit for purpose, using the army to repel the swarms of criminal invaders.

David Cameron was right to use the word swarm to describe the criminal invaders clustering around Calais. It’s a pity all he can do is talk. He is incapable of doing what is necessary to defend our country.

Of all the parties only Patria can save the country.

Join us in the fight for freedom!