Le Pen through to second round of presidential race

By April 24, 2017February 18th, 2021No Comments

More than seven million French patriots demonstrated yesterday, by their votes, that Le Pen is mightier than the Establishment.

Congratulations to patriotic France on having made the wise decision, despite the hostile propaganda of the political and media Establishment, to elect Mme Le Pen to contest the final round of the presidential election in two weeks’ time.

Marine’s rival candidates were lack-lustre, lacking credibility and substance; none more so than the discredited Francois Fillon of the Republicans, whose slogan ‘A will for France’ could imply he felt the country needed to put its affairs in order before its demise.

The pro-EU candidate, Emmanuel Macron, only yesterday a minister in Hollande’s government, wishes to recycle the failed policies of both left and right in a new vehicle, ‘On the Go,’ of which he would be the driver. A flashy sports car by comparison with Marine’s tractor, but of little use on a farm.

With the defeated candidates of both traditional Establishment parties, Hollande, Merkel, as well as EU officials, all endorsing Macron, it’s clear Marine Le Pen is the candidate the political and media Establishment fears.

A vote for Macron in the second round is a vote for more third world immigrants, more EU, more unemployment, crime and terrorism; while a vote for Le Pen is a vote to make France great again.