Lame duck May backs dead duck Chequers

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Mrs May and her cabinet, 24 September 2018


The rest of the world

Yesterday the cabinet met to discuss the question of immigration rules post-Brexit, in the light of the independent Migration Advisory Committee report, issued on Tuesday last week.

In advance of the cabinet meeting it was widely reported that many ministers were going to tell the Prime Minister that the Chequers White Paper was “dead as a dodo”, in the words of the May loyalist, Sir Mike Penning MP.

In reality, the opposite happened.

“The Cabinet gave its full support to the White Paper, and that continues to be the case.”

Spokesman for Mrs May, 24 September 2018


With impeccable timing, as the cabinet meeting broke up, the respected Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) launched its “Plan A+” report, outlining an alternative plan for Brexit. Amongst those backing the report at the launch event were Jacob Rees-Mogg, David Davis, Theresa Villiers and Gisela Stuart. Many other MPs, such as Boris Johnson promptly came out in support.

The report makes recommendations on a range of different areas, from trade policy, the regulatory environment, the Northern Irish border non-issue, to areas like defence.


The reinforced backing yesterday by the entire cabinet of the Chequers proposals, written by the unelected civil servant Olly Robbins, beggars belief.

These proposals have been rejected by almost everyone, from the EU Council, to the EU Commission, to the EU Parliament, to Brexiteer MPs and even to Remainer MPs.

According to reports over the weekend, many ministers were going to urge a change of plan on the Prime Minister in yesterday’s cabinet meeting. Instead, she waddles on pathetically – a lame duck holding a dead duck.

If for no other reason, this blind and irrational decision dictates that this Prime Minister must go, without delay.

[Sources: HMG | IEA] 06.15am, 25 September 2018


Name: NOT4EU, London, UK Date/Time: 25 Sept 2018, 08.27am

Message: Well, just as you think that our so-called government couldn’t possibly be any more provably incompetent for office, the remain Cabinet demonstrates – yet again – that they haven’t got a handful of brain cells between them and with no spines to speak of, appear to be merely plankton. They have decided to support, and endorse, a ‘proposal’ that has already been turned down (and mocked) by the EU, the counterpart in the negotiations, and has no support from any leave person. Not one objection apparently. What does that say about them, particularly the now apparent faux leavers? It would seem that none of them would have the gumption to be capable of standing in a road with a lollipop to ensure that children cross the road safely. None of them should hold a public office ever again.

Do they really think that the people watching this farce are so stupid as to believe them? This is all solely for party, not country: to get May through her party conference and yoke our country in servitude to a foreign power. The sad thing is that we are seeing the effect of the EU effectively running this country for the past few decades. Rubber-stamping EU diktats for their masters is all they know.

“Chequers” is not leaving the EU. If we do not leave the EU, it proves that democracy no longer exists in this country and that desired change cannot be brought about peacefully via the ballot box. The contempt for our so-called parliamentarians, with a few honourable exceptions, borders on the visceral.