Labour to open women-only shortlists to every ‘gender’?

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Labour dirty tricks in Trans Terf war: ‘Transgender’ activists draw up hit list of party members who say that men identifying as female should be barred from women-only shortlists for parliamentary candidates

The secret list details 32 party members targeted by ‘transgender’ activists

‘Trans’ teenager Lily Madigan is administrator of the group that drew up the list

Corbyn is torn between traditional feminists and a fear of offending ‘trans’ lobby

By Sanchez Manning for The Mail on Sunday

28 January 2018

Thousands of women Labour Party members will quit if men who believe they are female are allowed to join women-only shortlists, a leading party figure has warned.

Labour veteran Linda Bellos – once notorious as the far-Left leader of Lambeth Council – spoke out as The Mail on Sunday revealed that her name was on a secret hit list of 32 party members targeted by ‘transgender’ activists.

‘Transgender’ teenager Lily Madigan, who was controversially appointed as women’s officer for her local Labour Party last year, is an administrator of a secret Facebook group called Labour Against Transphobia which drew up the list.

Amid reports of an escalating battle raging in the party between feminists and ‘transgender’ activists, it can also be revealed:

Two women have been suspended from the party after being named on the ‘hit list’

Sources on the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) say its ruling council is passionately divided over the issue

Leader Jeremy Corbyn is paralysed with indecision, torn between traditional feminists and a fear of offending the ‘transgender’ movement

Labour’s plans to open up female-only parliamentary shortlists to self-identifying ‘transgender women’ – which have yet to be ratified – have been met with a bitter backlash from feminists.

They in turn have been branded Terfs – Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists – by ‘transgender’ activists.

The Labour Against Transphobia Facebook page invites members to name anyone in the party they believe to be ‘transphobic’, and to supply evidence of their supposedly ‘anti-transgender’ views.

The damning dossier has been passed on to Labour officials with the aim of having the accused members expelled. Two women on the list – Jennifer James and Venice Allan – have been suspended.

Ms James said: ‘Labour has, essentially, a secret police group with a hit list. I have been suspended for saying women don’t have penises and men don’t have vaginas.’

She has launched a crowdfunding campaign which has raised more than £20,000 for a legal challenge against ‘transgender’ women on the shortlists.

Ms Allan said claims she had harassed ‘transgender’ women in person and through social media were ‘ridiculous’. It can also be revealed that Ms Bellos – a friend of Mr Corbyn – is on the list.

Condemning the list as ‘Stalinist’, she said last night: “If Labour is foolish enough to allow ‘trans’ women to be selected for all-women shortlists they will lose thousands of women members who will resign from the party.

People who grow up with the privileges of being boys or men are not women.”

Another woman on the list, Stephanie Davies-Arai – who runs Transgender Trend, a parents’ group concerned about the rising number of children being diagnosed as ‘transgender’ – said she was shocked at being called ‘transphobic’, adding: ‘I’m not even a Labour member. I’m furious to be put on that list.’

One Labour insider said: ‘This self-ID situation is problematic for Corbyn. With the advent of Momentum, the biggest growth in party membership has been from young people.

‘Self-identification and safe spaces [ho,ho,ho!] are very much part of the millennials’ demands, and he is held hostage to that.’

Ms Madigan, the women’s officer in Rochester and Stroud, says she is only ‘vaguely aware of a list’, but it is reported that there are screenshots of her discussing it in detail with other group members.

A party spokeswoman said: ‘All-women shortlists are and always have been open to all women, which of course [?] includes trans women [sic].’

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