Just another UKIP hypocrite

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UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom’s sentiments about ‘development’ aid to Third world countries are shared by the great majority of our people. Of that there can be little doubt.

Why then does government cut public expenditure at home (on Housing Benefit, for example) only to waste our tax revenue, by sending a billion pounds a month to corrupt and oppressive African and Asian regimes, whose leaders live in luxury while their people live lives of abject poverty?

The reason is fundamentally an economic one.

Much of the aid is linked to trade with Britain.

In effect, we are giving these countries money with which to buy the goods that we hope to export to them. That’s the theory, at any rate. The trouble is that much of the aid money is fraudulently converted to the private use of the ruling clique of government (and their sisters and their cousins and their aunts) in these states, which would not even exist as states in the modern sense, were it not for the beneficent civilizing influence of the British Empire over several generations. Most of what remains of the aid money is then spent on arms, which are used to repress internal dissent and to encroach upon, or threaten neighbouring countries.

Ironically, it is that very Empire and its white colonists, which ingrates like Robert Mugabe and others blame for the perpetual failure of the corrupt, tribal societies over which they preside, to make the kind of economic and social progress which was made when their peoples were under British tutelage.

For how many more generations will the rulers of failing states, whose people once benefited from the very real blessings of British rule, perhaps the most important of which were the rule of law and pax Britannica, bite the hand that continues to feed them? Feeds the elite (with imported caviare and champagne) but actually harms their people, by distorting local economies, driving local industries out of business and fostering a ‘cargo cult’ mentality of continuing dependence upon white largesse.

Of course, Mr Bloom cannot really be as patriotic as he would like ‘Middle England’ to believe, or he would not, like his party leader, have married a foreigner. Nor, if he really believed in ‘British jobs for British workers’, would he, like a former leader of his party, have employed foreigners, still less prayed in aid the fact that he does so.

Mr Bloom’s use of the term ‘bongo bongo land’ is regrettable, not because it causes offence per se but because it diverts attention from the serious scandal of overseas aid and itself becomes the story.

It’s interesting to see how self-promoting, publicity-hungry hypocrites support one another across party lines.

Well, it is the silly season, so let the publicity hounds bark.

We in Patria continue our serious political work, quietly, confidently and largely ‘under the radar’.