Johnson is Corbyn Lite

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A ‘Tory’ victory? Pity the Conservatives are now the main Left-wing party in the country


PUBLISHED: 01:40, 15 December 2019 | UPDATED: 07:07, 15 December 2019

Well, hurrah. After almost a decade of fooling around, chaos, waste and confusion, we have finally saved the Tory Party from richly deserved doom.

The Conservatives have now replaced Blairite New Labour as the main Left-wing party in the country. This is great for everyone who loves the Blair programme of fervent, intolerant political correctness, a continuing war on what’s left of the married family, useless egalitarian state schools and gigantic public spending and borrowing.

Why people make such a fuss about Jeremy Corbyn, while putting up with the more subtle Trotskyism of the Blairites, I have never understood. But maybe you need to be (as I am) an ex-Marxist to understand modern politics.

Just look at Al ‘Boris’ Johnson’s victory speech on Friday morning. Anthony Blair or Gordon Brown could have made it. There’s a red-green pledge of ‘carbon-neutrality’ by 2050. This means pointlessly strangling the economy by destroying efficient power generation, while making you pay for windmills through higher gas and electricity bills. Meanwhile, China sensibly continues to depend on cheap, reliable coal.

There’s a promise of ‘colossal new investments in infrastructure’. This means huge, inefficient projects such as HS2, which do no good, cost billions and hugely overrun their budgets and timetables – again at your expense.

There’s a promise of a ‘long-term NHS budget enshrined in law, 650 million pounds extra every week’. This is a crude submission to the lobby that imagines that the only thing wrong with the NHS is its budget. In truth, we could spend every penny the country has on it and it still would not work as it is supposed to.

And there’s the usual thoughtless, ignorant rubbish about police numbers. Please. The problem with the police is not how many of them there are. It is the fact that they spend their time doing the wrong things, and refuse to return to the simple, solitary foot patrol, which is the reason for their existence.

Mr Johnson’s mind is not conservative. He is a North London bohemian, a social liberal who can barely understand the arguments for lifelong marriage. He is rich enough to have no idea how bad, and how crammed with indoctrination, state schools actually are.

Like all senior politicians he is secluded from crime and disorder. Since he was Mayor of London he has surrounded himself with aides who encourage funky Leftish thinking. One of his closest advisers, Danny Kruger – now Tory MP for the deluded people of Devizes – is a keen enthusiast for legalizing the dangerous poison marijuana.