Janner case to have ‘trial of facts’ in court

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Labour peer to be prosecuted for child abuse kept a flat in Bournemouth, say neighbours

A LABOUR peer formerly ruled too unwell to be tried for suspected child abuse is now to be prosecuted, it has been confirmed.

The first hearing in the sex abuse case against Lord Greville Janner – who kept a holiday home in Bournemouth – is set to take place in the criminal court this August.

The 86-year-old once kept a flat at Crag Head on East Cliff’s Manor Road. Properties in the road sell for upwards of £300,000.

One resident of the block said: “I knew he was here but I didn’t know anything about him. We never spoke – we just said ‘good morning’ and that was all.”

Another East Cliff resident said he was aware of Lord Janner having a holiday flat in the town but had not met him.

It is alleged that Lord Janner committed serious sex offences against children from the 1960s to the 1980s.

Director of Public Prosecutions Alison Saunders had previously said his dementia meant he could not understand what would happen in a courtroom.

However, yesterday it was announced by the Crown Prosecution Service that Lord Janner is to be charged after all.

Mrs Saunders had rejected the advice of a senior barrister and expert on child abuse cases in reaching her decision, which was heavily criticised by victims’ rights groups and politicians.

The peer was recently at the top of a list of company directors for his firm West Heath Road Seasons Ltd.

In official documents lodged at Companies House, he listed his occupation as: ‘Working Peer, Writer, Lecturer.’

The company, which manages Lord Janner’s £2m home and seven other flats in the north London development had reserves of £8,350, the latest accounts show.

He stood down as the director of the company on April 10, six days before it was initially announced that he would not be charged following allegations made against him.

Lord Janner was a regular visitor to the flat until it was sold last year after buying the two-bed holiday apartment in 1987.

He was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2009.

Councillor Anne Filer said she did not wish to comment, but told the Daily Echo Lord Janner did previously own a flat in the area and that she had never heard any allegations against him until they were reported nationally.

Dr Andrew Emerson says…

12:13pm Mon 29 Jun 15

Greville Janner’s medical and psychological condition should be assessed by properly independent experts nominated by his alleged victims and their report considered, before the court comes to a decision on his fitness to plead.

Janner’s former junior colleague, DPP Alison Saunders, should now resign from her public office. Her judgement and impartiality have been shown to be far below the high standard our people have the right to expect.

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Dr Andrew Emerson says…

1:49pm Tue 30 Jun 15


Let’s hear the evidence in the trial which has at last been granted, before assuming the case has no bearing on Bournemouth.

@ A N archist

Greville Janner is hardly low key. But however high he and others may be, or think themselves, the law is above them.

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