It’s the final countdown

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The EU claims technical superiority of its Galileo system compared to GPS, although in fact the GPS system’s accuracy has been deliberately downgraded for civilian use by the US government, to combat terrorist and other threats to global security.

There are questions about whether the EU should really have embarked on this project at all. Certainly there are very serious questions to answer about how the EU is doing this. Should the star troopers of the EU Commission really be running this?

When we read through the hundreds of documents we’ve uncovered about the EU satellite projects, we see the same signs as in so many other areas of EU activity. We see an inexorable march towards increasing control of every aspect of the member states’ – and their citizens’ – lives.

Space is no different. Soon, the EU’s space programme – so much of which was funded by the UK – will be held out as being for the sole benefit of member states. If you dare to leave, you’ll be cut out.

We very strongly hope that the MoD and DExEU have been working on this.

Firstly, there should be no question of the assets bought and paid for by the UK simply being misappropriated by the EU and the UK being told it can’t have access.

Secondly, we very much hope that the MoD has been working urgently to extract the UK military from the MoD’s incursions into the use of EU satellites. Make no mistake, the MoD is infected with Remoanerism just as much as departments like the Treasury. We know, but unfortunately we can’t tell you the details. Now these individuals must wake up to reality. The United Kingdom is leaving the European Union whether they like it or not, and they must now plan to treat the EU as a third party which may one day be potentially hostile.

At the very least the MoD must start acting purely in the United Kingdom’s best interests.

We hope we’ve distilled this work down into some highly-readable pieces for you.

Perhaps the above is an interesting insight into the EU empire.

In our opinion, we have years to go before we see whether the UK still has what it takes to break free.