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Council watchdogs to scrutinise Hyde Martlet price hikes

9 May, 2015

COUNCIL watchdogs will meet to scrutinise significant hikes in service charges from a housing association.

As reported previously, residents living in Hyde Martlet accommodation were furious at increases of up to 1,000 per cent.

Now Chichester District Council will hold a special overview and scrutiny committee meeting to consider the service charges in June.

Councillor Alan Chaplin said: “As a local resident, tenant and district councillor I have been shocked by the scale of the service charges for flats proposed by the Hyde Housing Group for the current financial year.

“I have received a large number of telephone calls, emails and letters on the issue, and my personal view is that the Hyde Group, Hyde Martlet and the district council have been slow to consider this matter.”

In March Caz and Ian Johnston, who live at Bishop Luffa Close, complained that their service charge fees were going up from £4.02 a week to £19.76.

Hyde, based in London, has more than 5,000 homes in the Chichester area.

Dr Andrew Emerson comments

8:11 PM on 13/05/2015

This must be some kind of sick joke. How on earth can an increase on this scale possibly be justified?

If Hyde Martlet don’t see reason on this and limit any increase to the rate of inflation, then the CDC should resume ownership of these properties and ensure that only a fair rent and service charge is levied.

Chichester Observer