It’s Hotel California at Planet Chequers

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But she is being economical with the actualité

What she’s really saying is “Let them eat cake – provided it’s imported from the EU27”

Theresa May has been interviewed by different journalists about the outcome of the Chequers meeting, and about the document which was produced at the end, otherwise known as the longest suicide note in history.

She claims that she is meeting her commitments to deliver a Brexit where ‘we take back control of our laws, our borders, and our money’.

In broad terms, the only way of justifying the government’s new document as still representing ‘Brexit’ is by an exercise of casuistry on a scale never before attempted in British politics.

In simple terms Theresa May seems to have embarked on a programme of mass deception of the British public about the defining issue of our generation. And this is the issue which will determine the future of our country for generations to come.


We do not say this lightly, but it seems that the Prime Minister has decided to lie to the country to all practical intents and purposes.

Over many decades the political class as a whole – with some exceptions – has developed political language to a point where anything is possible. Black can mean white, if it’s phrased in the right way.

Our view is simple: ‘What does it really mean?’ On that test, Theresa May and her government are not delivering Brexit in any meaningful way.

She may be able to argue that, technically, she is proposing to end ‘Freedom of Movement’ as defined in the Treaties. Well we have news for you Prime Minister. If your ‘Labour Mobility Framework’ (which will replace it) amounts to the same thing, you haven’t ended ‘freedom of movement’ as far as the ordinary people of this country are concerned.

Yesterday Mrs May was interviewed by the BBC’s political editor. Ms Kuennsberg asked her twice about this issue. On both occasions Mrs May declined to deny that there will be ‘preferential treatment’ for citizens of EU member states.


If we were the EU, we would use the new position of the UK government to drag out further negotiations for so long that the British government will be forced to accept an even worse agreement, because it will be unprepared for anything else.

We would be surprised if the EU rejects it so strongly that only a ‘no deal’ solution is left. If they rejected Mrs May’s offer immediately, there would still be just enough time for the UK to prepare for an exit on WTO terms. That would involve a serious investment of time and money but it would be worth it.

We expect the EU to make their usual noises – “We ‘ave our rules” – but to imply that there is much to talk about.

In reality, as we’ve said from the very beginning, the EU will NEVER do any sensible deal with the UK. They are extreme ideologues and the UK must be punished, ‘pour encourager les autres’. For the EU, this has only ever been about politics and the continued advance of their precious EU Projekt Superstate.

P.S. Overnight we’ve received the legal view of the Chairman of Lawyers for Britain, Martin Howe QC. As ever, it makes good but depressing reading.

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