It is racist when they do it

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Following the conviction of most of the Muslims on trial at the Old Bailey yesterday, the usual mantra of “There are paedophiles in every community – it’s nothing to do with race or religion” has been heard over and over on the ‘mainstream’ media.

But what other explanation can there be for social workers simply watching as the girls in their care were picked up by the ethnic Pakistanis who were abusing them, than that they and the police feared being branded ‘institutionally racist’ if they acted against the Muslim paedophiles? Unless the connivance of the “gate-keepers” was bought with bribes by the Muslim malefactors.

This is a possibility which must be thoroughly and independently investigated, not only in this case but in every case of organized sex crime against our children by gangs of Muslim dastards.

The number of ethnic aliens in senior positions within the Crown Prosecution Service may also have played a part in the refusal of the authorities to prosecute similar cases around the country in a timely manner, despite having been alerted to the facts by at least two politicians, amongst others. The response of the political Establishment a decade ago was to scream “racism” and to shoot the messenger.

The Establishment-approved message now is “It’s not racist when they do it”.

Whereas of course it’s racially motivated and a religious hate crime as well. If not, where are the gangs of Muslim men sexually abusing young Muslim girls? For that matter, where are the gangs of Christians, of Hindus, of Sikhs, of Jews, of Buddhists, engaging in the on-street grooming and sexual abuse of young girls of any community?

Muslims are overrepresented in our prisons not because they are discriminated against (in fact they receive preferential treatment) but because as a group they commit more serious crimes per capita than do our people.

Can anyone doubt that had these poor betrayed children not been white and their abusers non-white, the authorities would have taken tough action at an early stage to protect them and to prosecute their tormentors?

Can you imagine the outcry in the media if the victimized children had been Muslim and the rapists white? Can you imagine the clamour to “Get the rest”, the sackings and resignations, the parliamentary debates and public inquiries? Can you imagine the rioting that might well have broken out?

Still, reason is allowed no place in the carefully stage-managed media narrative, lest our people should become restless and the Establishment’s house of cards fall around their ears.

This is the deplorable legacy of ‘Mad Macpherson’ and the Stephen Lawrence Report.

This is the way Orwell’s nightmarish 1984 society might have come into being: with an endless and bogus ‘war on terror’; with ‘extraordinary rendition’; with the abolition of the ‘no double jeopardy’ rule; with removal of trial by jury; with European Arrest Warrants; with banning of political parties deemed hostile to the constitution; with state censorship of political discussion on the internet; with Special Branch-coordinated red and green mobs; and with ‘newspeak’ and ‘doublethink’ about race, religion and immigration.

To quote Orwell: don’t let it happen, it’s up to you.