Is Kerry a new George W Bush (in the making)?

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Are the United States and its EU poodles aiming to impose a new Treaty of Brest-Litovsk on Russia?

Since the end of the First World War Russia has not been an expansionist power. Though, like its Warsaw Pact satellites, not a democracy until the collapse of communist rule towards the end of the last century, in the main it sought to guard itself and its existing suzerainty, rather than to enlarge its sphere of influence.

What a contrast with the bellicose foreign policy of the US and on a smaller scale Britain over the last twenty years.

Using absurd slogans like the ‘War on Terror’ and with scant regard for international law, successive American and British governments have through economic blockades, aerial bombardment and military incursions overthrown the governments of independent sovereign states.

If the governments of Britain and the US had been genuinely concerned to protect their people from terrorism, then they would have put a stop to the mass immigration of ethnic aliens from the Third World and deported the millions of illegal immigrants in both countries. Instead of which they sold the pass and actually helped this potential ‘fifth column’ of doubtful allegiance to establish itself and to grow within our homeland.

The fact that states such as Iraq were not democratic is no justification either legally or morally for their invasion and the wholesale slaughter of their civilian populations, cynically described as ‘collateral damage’.

The fact that Afghanistan did not accord women equality under the law with men did not warrant its invasion, long and futile occupation, now winding down and the slaughter of its civilian population. The whole of that largely barren and poverty-stricken country is not worth the blood of one British soldier, yet thousands have spilt their blood there in a conflict reminiscent of the Vietnam War.

No state and certainly not one that purports to be a democracy should fail to respect the right of the people of another independent sovereign state to self-determination. And this right includes the right to choose their own form of government, regardless of whether that choice is what we should understand by the term democracy. A people cannot and should not be forced to be free.

What did justify all the carnage and suffering, in the minds of the individual politicians primarily responsible, many of whom are themselves ethnic aliens, was the prospect and the reality of enormous personal gain as a result of the conflicts.

The Ukraine crisis is simply the latest opportunity for plutocratic politicians with an eye on the next presidential election, or the leadership of their party, to cut a figure on the world stage courtesy of the media and for mainly US-based multinational corporations and their shareholders to make a killing. As they might say “Good business is where you find it”.