Irish border still a non-issue

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It is a simple fact that proven solutions exist for the Northern Ireland border. They do not require border posts, nor anything else that could remotely be described as being obtrusive. These solutions are agreed in principle by HMRC, by the Irish Revenue, and even by the special report commissioned by the EU Parliament last year.

It is also a simple fact that a border currently exists between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, despite the media talking as if it doesn’t exist. There are even CCTV cameras – as you might expect around any border anywhere in the world. This is because the Republic is a foreign country. Sinn Fein and the Republic’s government may not like that, but it’s a fact.

It’s also a fact that the UK government proposed a ‘maximum facilitation’ solution in August last year, and has yet to have any detailed explanation from the Irish or from the EU of why this is unacceptable. The reason is because they can have no rational objections. It’s logical. All that is needed is for the two customs organisations on each side of the border to work out the minor details.

Instead the EU prefers to weaponize the border issue and deliberately to inflame the smouldering tensions which still exist in the province.

And this is from an EU which constantly pretends it has been a peace advocate and broker for the last 60 years. Quite shameful behaviour.


If you were an ordinary person watching the BBC yesterday you would have no idea of any of the truth about the NI border that we have reported once again above. None of this is new, but none of it is ever reported by the BBC or by most other ‘mainstream’ media outlets.

We have now reached the point with the national broadcaster where we’ve had enough. We know that most of our readers felt this way long ago, but we have attempted to retain a degree of moderation.

Now we’ve really had enough. Yesterday’s ‘flagship’ political programmes – the Marr Show and the Sunday Politics – were pitiful. Another of the BBC’s flagship programmes – Question Time – was even more shocking than usual on Thursday.

There are specialist organizations which monitor the BBC’s output and provide excellent information so we will leave it to them to take apart in detail the BBC’s ludicrous claims of impartiality. We will simply say that members of the Brexit Facts4EU.Org team grew up on BBC news, and in previous times defended it when it was under attack.

The days of the BBC’s reputation for excellence in news reporting disappeared many years ago. Brexit has simply highlighted a long fall from grace. We never thought it would plumb the depths it now has but as a news organization we now find its output to be unwatchable.

We also consider BBC News & Current Affairs to be beyond recovery. Unfortunately it is so far gone that nothing short of starting from scratch with new editors and staff would work.

Finally, if any of the BBC’s news editors wish to take issue with us, they can be our guest. We will of course print whatever justifications they try to come up with. On the other hand they could always start to question themselves first and look critically at their output against the facts which are available to them.

The Northern Ireland non-issue wouldn’t be a bad place for them to start educating themselves.

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Name: Jon, Wales Date/Time: 07 May 2018, 08.40am

Message: An excellent hard-hitting article calling out the BBC. Over many years I have noticed the BBC increasingly become the political spin machine of Government and Whitehall, and the problem is that many viewers are taken in by them, especially younger generations. In the UK, we are forced to pay a licence fee by law to watch BBC news and other BBC programming. The licence fee pays BBC salaries and so on. It is correct we question BBC output, and call them out when we see bias. As the UK national broadcaster, the BBC should be supporting our country at every opportunity showing the positives of Brexit, instead of persisting with doom and gloom, and dare I suggest, promoting ‘project fear’ when there is nothing to be fearful of. Many of us ordinary folk can see straight through political spin, and can also see the constant delays and demands are coming from the EU side. This is not rocket science.