In this phony “War on Disease” truth is the first casualty

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Coronavirus – The Cruel and Dangerous Deceit

by Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Right at the beginning of the coronavirus affair I pointed out that according to the World Health Organisation, the ordinary flu kills between 250,000 and 600,000 people a year – most of them in the winter months. I said that if the coronavirus hadn’t killed between 100,000 and 150,000 people around the world by the middle of April then it would be clear that it was not as dangerous as we had been told and, indeed, not as dangerous as the flu.

Well, the authorities are claiming that the death rate from the corona has now reached 100,000.

So is the coronavirus as deadly as the mathematicians and the politicians said it was?

No – because they have fiddled the figures.

Today, anyone who has the coronavirus, or is thought to have it even though they have not been tested, will be put down as having died of the coronavirus. Time and time again, the authorities report that someone died “with” the disease. Not “of” the disease. And yet those patients are put down as having died as a result of the coronavirus.

So, if you fall downstairs and break your neck, but you had a cough before you died, then you will be classified as a coronavirus death. Honest. I’m not kidding. If you had a heart attack but were thought to have the coronavirus then you officially died of the coronavirus rather than the heart attack. A lack of widespread testing makes this possible. And post mortems have been abandoned for many patients.