Immigration: the profits are private but the costs are borne by us

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Dr Andrew Emerson

7:34 PM on 10/05/2017

Is every one of the 120 agricultural workers at the old South Downs Holiday Village in the country legally? Has anyone bothered to check their documents? If we assume, for the sake of argument, that they are all in the country legally and working legally, then it is not their fault that they are keeping the level of agricultural workers’ wages low by working for wages too low for English workers to live on. It is the fault of the system and the politicians of the Establishment parties, Lib-Lab-Con, who defend that indefensible system. The fact remains that, were it not for immigrants from the third world and Eastern Europe, many of whom do not work, the level of remuneration for jobs such as picking crops would inevitably be much higher than it is currently. The crops would not be allowed to rot in the field. The level of pay for picking them would rise to the point at which it became economically attractive for our people to do the work themselves.

Dr Andrew Emerson

8:01 PM on 10/05/2017

Under the pernicious foreign ‘migrant labour’ system the profits are privatized and accrue to the employers and their stooges, the Establishment politicians of Lib-Lab-Con; whereas the costs are socialized, ie, borne by everyone who pays income tax, council tax, etc.

Dr Andrew Emerson

4:50 PM on 11/05/2017

If the Observer’s report is correct, then it would appear that the 120 ‘workers’ currently residing on the site have no legal right to be there. Unless they are on holiday, which seems highly improbable.

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