Immigration robs our children of their birthright

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Dr Andrew Emerson

11:30 AM on 23/02/2015

A population that is declining numerically as a result of ending immigration by persons not of British ancestry and deporting illegal immigrants, foreign criminals, bogus asylum seekers, hate preaching imams and overstayers, would make for a much more healthy, prosperous and congenial society for our people.

We may have an aging population, but people are also living longer and continuing to lead active lives for longer than in the past. The state retirement age is being raised to reflect this fact. Many employers find that elderly people in fact make the best workers.

So to suggest that without immigration the economy would ‘collapse’ or ‘completely collapse’ is to stand logic on its head and is the very opposite of the truth. In fact, ending the stream of cheap foreign labour would cause an increase in productivity and growth in the economy and a reduction in unemployment and underemployment, particularly among our young people. Real wages would rise but inflation would not because of the amount of unused capacity in the economy.

Don’t forget that immigrants also get old and claim the state pension, so by leaving they will no longer burden the NHS. Many immigrants tend to have worse health than the English, in any case.

Continuing immigration depresses wages and working conditions, but increases crime, terrorism and social and economic insecurity. The great majority of immigrants do not permanently return to their land of ethnic origin. Many, millions, are here illegally and should be deported without delay.

But even those who are ‘legally’ here paid nothing into the system prior to their arrival. Yet from day one they are unfairly encouraged to claim social housing, education, health care, tax credits, etc, for themselves and their dependants; benefits for which our own people have paid through their taxes over the years but which they themselves are often refused.

Immigration is robbing our children of their birthright. It must be stopped.

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