I seek no more the fine or gay

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I’m lonesome since I crossed the hill,
And o’er the moor and valley,
Such grievous thoughts my heart do fill,
Since parting with my Sally
I seek no more the fine or gay,
For each does but remind me
How swift the hours did pass away,
With the girl I left behind me.

O ne’er shall I forget the night,
The stars were bright above me
And gently lent their silvery light
When first she vowed to love me
But now I’m bound to Brighton camp
Kind heaven, then, pray guide me
And send me safely back again,
To the girl I left behind me.

The classic departure song of the British Army. A popular tune which has acquired many sets of lyrics through the years, this is probably the earliest version, dating to the period of the Seven Years’ War (1756-1763).