I am Woman hear me roar…

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Woman’s Hour

by Dick Franklin

Being retired, I often end up listening to Woman’s Hour on Radio 4. This is not so much out of choice as because it happens to be on the radio when I am doing household tasks.

When I was young, Woman’s Hour was just that. It was a features programme designed for woman, full of useful items which would fit in with the role of women in British life as it then was.

However things have moved on. Many more women work and therefore do not have the opportunity to listen to it – should they wish to do so. We generally accept that women should be treated equally with men in every respect wherever this is possible. You will note that there has never been a “Man’s Hour”.

In the the last few years it appears to me that Woman’s Hour has been hijacked by a group of self selected middle class ultra-feminists who push the programme to propagate their own left wing agenda, which has little to with the lives of real women. Indeed sometimes it descends to the darkest depths. Very recently there was an item on “anal sex”. Much of its content is not so much about promoting the interests of women, as attacking men, who are often depicted as violent thugs, rapists and misogynists. I have just turned it off because there is yet another item attacking men.

I speak as one who has been happily married for over 40 years and my wife and I have always tried to share our burdens equally. I might add that she never listens to this programme for the reasons I have given above. She has no patience with it.

I am suggesting that with sexual equality being largely realised, there is no place for a Woman’s Hour. There are plenty of other ways these left wing persons can propagate their nasty views without expecting the Licence Payers to pay for it. I think it should be replaced with a “British Hour”. This would be a programme promoting British culture and heritage, so that young and old alike, irrespective of sex, can learn more about what we are so much in danger of losing – our British way of life.