I am right and Carswell is wrong

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Carswell is wrong. Enoch was right. And so am I.

Immigration has been an unmitigated disaster. It must be ended and repatriation begun, if our grandchildren are to have a future in the land of our forefathers.

Britain does not need immigration. It was not immigration but the ingenuity and industry of the English, Scots and Welsh that made Britain the first industrialized country in the world in the late eighteenth century. It was not immigration that forged an empire on which the sun never set, but the genius of the British race.

Our people had made Britain an advanced industrial society long before 1948, when the first immigrants from the West Indies and subsequently Asia and Africa began to arrive in significant numbers. It was the society our people had built, at the time an overwhelmingly homogenous society, that was the magnet that attracted these immigrants.

Britain did not need immigration in 1948. The labour shortage in certain lower paid jobs, such as in the NHS and public transport, could easily have been overcome by increasing wages in those jobs and introducing flexible working hours for married women.

The immigration of ethnic aliens from Africa and Asia could not be justified in 1948.

It could not be justified in 1958, when the first serious race riots occurred, in Notting Hill and in Nottingham. It could not be justified in 1968, when Enoch Powell made his prescient warning of danger. It could not be justified in 1980, when rioting took place in St Paul’s, Bristol. It could not be justified in 1981, when rioting erupted in Brixton, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool. It could not be justified in 1985, when riots occurred in Tottenham and again in Brixton, Birmingham and Manchester. It could not be justified in 1995, when rioting again broke out in Brixton and in Bradford. It could not be justified in 2001, when riots took place in Oldham, Burnley and Bradford. And it could not be justified in 2011, when riots broke out in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Nottingham, Bristol, Gloucester and Gillingham.

Contra the faulty reasoning of Cameron and others: the opportunistic participation of a handful of white, or English youths does not alter the character of these riots as essentially riots by blacks or Asians.

The continuous immigration of ethnic aliens, in the name of ‘diversity’, has undermined the country’s social cohesion. It has never been justifiable and the corrupt political and media Establishment has rarely made any serious attempt to justify it.

Still less can the continuance of this immigration be justified today: when we English have become a minority in our capital and in several other towns; when the results of folly are seen in jihadist terrorism on the streets of London, Rotherham and Oxford; and when millions of our people languish without a permanent job or a home of their own and have little prospect of either under the current political dispensation.

The fact that Lib-Lab-Con politicians, such as Cameron, use the deliberately misleading term ‘net migration’ demonstrates their contempt for our people.

The net migration figure improperly subtracts emigrants, who are mainly our people leaving, from immigrants, who are mainly ethnic aliens from Africa and Asia, in order to understate the immigration total.

And the fact that the Establishment politicians feel they can get away with doing this implies either that they believe black and Asian immigrants have at least as much right to our country as we have, or that they think we are too stupid to notice their chicanery.

Cameron, Farage and Carswell may talk about a ‘points-based system’ for immigration as much as they like. We know how much confidence to place in Cameron’s promises to reduce immigration. Five years ago Cameron promised to reduce immigration. Yet the annual rate is now 624,000, the highest it has ever been. Farage and Carswell, like their idol Thatcher, are both of the same untrustworthy ilk. If the premise of the multiracial immigration project is both morally and practically unsound, then they are merely fiddling while Rome burns, or rearranging the deck-chairs on the Titanic.

If the immigration of people who are neither of British ancestry nor of kindred stock is in principle wrong, unworkable and doomed to failure, then speeding up, slowing down or capping the rate at which we English are dispossessed of our country, by immigrants of alien race and culture, is not the issue.

What is at stake is national survival.

As a result of the insane policy of immigration, begun long before Britain joined the EU and continued without a break since, our people face a deadly threat from Islamic terrorism: on the streets of our towns and cities; on our buses, trains and planes; in our courts, prisons, schools and hospitals; at our nuclear power stations; and anywhere else the hate-filled mind of fanatics can conceive.

Quite apart from the incalculable human cost in loss of life and in life-changing injuries, the economic cost to the country of terrorism engaged in by Muslim immigrants, which must be enormous, should be taken into account in any rational calculation of the costs and benefits to the country of immigration. Yet it never is. Were the necessary security measures to be taken into account, the costs of immigration would be clearly seen to outweigh the benefits. No doubt this is the reason the cost of anti-terrorism measures and the fight against organized crime committed by immigrants, is typically excluded from cost-benefit analysis of immigration.

Thousands of our English children have been terrorized, enslaved and some murdered, by Muslim rape gangs waging a sexual jihad with the encouragement of Lib-Lab-Con councillors, MPs and peers, social workers, police and crown prosecutors. These are the extremists and their apologists and panders, the dhimmis-in-waiting.

The few brave voices who tried to raise the alarm were ignored or vilified by the Establishment media as ‘racists’, abused by their colleagues or dragged through the courts, while the criminals and their patrons in high places continued their unspeakable crimes, their shameful treason.

And this is only a foretaste, a trailer, of horrors still to come – unless immigration is reversed.

The millions of illegal immigrants must be rounded up and deported. Immigration, ie, entry with a view to permanent settlement, must be ended except by persons of British ancestry. All foreign criminals, bogus asylum seekers, hate preaching imams and overstayers must be deported. And our border controls must be strengthened to make them fit for purpose.

Clearly, the pro-immigration parties, Lib-Lab-Con, the SNP, Plaid Cymru, UKIP and the Greens, are not up to the task of implementing the measures necessary for ensuring the long-term safety and prosperity of our people. Their policies are far too wishy-washy and their multiracialist leaders are more concerned with their own bank balance than with saving the country.

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