How to defeat ISIS

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Dr Andrew Emerson

1:47 PM on 08/10/2015

Instead of bringing displaced young Syrian men to Britain we should train them in Syria to fight and defeat ISIS on the ground, in co-operation with Syrian government forces, while the Americans and Russians together provide air support.

Drone strikes and bombing, in the absence of a more effective Syrian ground force, merely displace and radicalize more Syrians, without defeating ISIS.

This is the way relatively quickly to bring the conflict in Syria to a satisfactory conclusion.

The same principles apply to the conflict in Iraq: the ground force should comprise only Iraqis who have been properly trained for combat.

If fit young Iraqi and Syrian men refuse to rally to their country in its time of need and fight ISIS, then perhaps cowardice is not the only reason. Perhaps they are ISIS.

Either way, it is both unethical and utter madness to import tens of thousands of displaced young men into Britain from a country we are attacking from the air. ‘Asking for trouble’ doesn’t even begin adequately to describe this folly, this treason.

But perhaps the aim of the US and EU leaders, including Cameron, is to prolong the agony in Syria, Iraq and Libya for as long as possible. While these countries are in turmoil they are no threat to Israel.

The continuing conflict has displaced millions of non-Europeans who can be encouraged, by traitors such as Merkel and her poodle Cameron, to invade the countries of Western Europe, with the immediate aim of bettering their condition at the expense of our folk and the long-term aim of outnumbering us and establishing a caliphate.

In England it ought to be easier for an Englishman to get a job and a house than for an immigrant. Instead, thanks to traitors such as Cameron and Blair, it’s more difficult.

Vote No to EUrabia at the forthcoming referendum.

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