How now, Brown Owl?

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Dear Marriage supporter

In 2016 we wrote to supporters asking them to contribute to a public consultation on the powers of Ofsted. The Government has listened, and sinister plans to expand Ofsted’s remit have now been dropped [for now].

There have been a number of reports in the past of Ofsted inspectors misusing existing powers to interrogate teachers and children in schools on their beliefs about traditional marriage.

In its consultation the Government asked for the public’s views on extending Ofsted’s remit to out-of-school settings which provide under-19s with instruction for more than six hours a week.

This could have meant Ofsted inspections across a huge spectrum of youth activity, from sports clubs to driving lessons, drama groups to church choirs.

Many Ofsted inspectors already try to enforce a narrow view of ‘British values’ that labels as extremist anybody speaking in favour of traditional marriage. Expanding the inspectorate’s scope could only have made it more dangerous for real marriage supporters to bear witness to their beliefs.

But thanks to your actions, and those of the supporters of many other concerned groups from across the belief spectrum, the Government has now dropped these damaging plans. Thank you to all those who responded.

Guide leaders say ‘transgender’ policy puts girls at risk

Over the weekend 224 current and former leaders, volunteers and members from across the Girl Guide movement wrote to the Sunday Times to protest against the ‘transgender’ policy of the organization.

As we warned last year, the policies of Girlguiding UK could mean that girls have to share shower, toilet, and changing facilities with biological men [or, in other words, men].

The signatories to the letter wrote that as the policy stands:

“Male children who identify as girls can share sleeping and washing facilities with females. It is estimated that 65,000 cases of child sexual abuse are committed by other children and young people each year. Most perpetrators are male, most victims are female. Segregating by sex, regardless of gender identity, is common sense.

“Leaders are banned from disclosing to parents that their daughters could be in mixed-sex accommodation, contravening GGUK’s own policy of informed consent.

“This policy breaches equality law. We call on GGUK to suspend it pending an independent review. Girls matter, biological sex matters, and the law agrees.”

We agree, and we hope that Girlguiding UK listens to these experienced voices who have contributed so much to its past success.

Yours sincerely

Thomas Pascoe
Campaign Director
Coalition for Marriage (C4M)