Housing, Power and Jobs

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In the last couple of days we heard on the news that a massive housing development has been approved in the town of Eastleigh, in Hampshire, against the wishes of local people. On the same news broadcast it was suggested that by April the country will be facing a power crisis. And only today we hear that there has been yet another rise in the million plus unemployment of our youth.

What is the overriding reason for these events? It is Immigration. Successive governments have allowed our country to be flooded with immigrants from all over the world. Why do they come to our country? The easy answer to that is the benefits which they would not receive in their own lands and of course once here, these people want to be housed. Every one is a drain on our power reserves, our sewerage system and the water supply network. This is the main reason for the looming power crisis.

Every one that does happen to have come here to work and actually obtains a job, means one less job for our own people to apply for, in particular our young people.

It has been said that immigrants do the jobs that British people do not want to do. All I can say to that is: I wonder just who did those jobs before immigration? It was, of course, our own people and they would do so again were it not for immigration.

Many of the large housing developments taking place across our country are for displaced people who have left their own areas, due to immigration. In my own village, the majority of the houses in one large estate are occupied by people from London who have escaped the immigration nightmare. This means that village people cannot acquire any local properties due to rising prices caused by demand exceeding supply.

I am sick of hearing people moan about the situation we are all faced with these days, which is due to these very same people who are still blindly voting for Liberals, Tories or Labour.

It’s time you woke up and did something about the situation you have created, by refusing to vote for these traitors to Queen and country.

If you carry on doing the same, then you deserve all you get. If, however, you wish to make a difference and vote for a party that has our country’s interest at heart, or, better still, join us and take an active role in helping us to put right the damage before we are a minority in our own land, then you will be welcomed as a true patriot.

Ian Johnson