House of Treason employs immigrant insurance fraud

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Caught on CCTV: Moment House of Commons chef lowered herself on to wet floor – then pretended she’d slipped to claim claim £8,000 compensation

Chef Anita Quansah-Okoe, 52, claimed she had hurt herself in a fall at work

She went to A&E where doctor recorded injuries to her shoulder and ankle

But insurers were shown CCTV footage of her faking the incident

She was seen slowly lowering herself onto a wet floor at Lambeth College


3 December 2015

A House of Commons chef who falsely claimed £8,000 for a fall at work was caught out after CCTV footage filmed her slowly lowering herself on to a wet floor.

Chef Anita Quansah-Okoe, 52, was working for Caterlink Ltd at Lambeth College, in south London, when she claimed she had hurt herself in a fall on the morning of 3 July, 2013.

She went to A&E where a doctor recorded some tenderness over her shoulder and right ankle.

But after insurers were shown CCTV footage of her faking the incident, Quansah-Okoe, who now cooks for Lords and MPs at Parliament, dropped her £8,000 personal injury claim and the matter was passed on to police.

At the Old Bailey today, she was ordered to carry out 80 hours of unpaid work in the community and pay £500 towards prosecution costs after being found guilty of fraud.

Before playing three video clips to the jury during the trial, prosecutor Danny Robinson said: ‘Ms Quansah-Okoe appears to walk towards an area which is being mopped, pauses, then lowers herself to the floor.

‘She didn’t slip. That claim she made that day that she had accidentally slipped on a wet floor was dishonest, it was untrue, because she didn’t accidentally fall on a wet floor she lowered herself onto the ground.’

Zurich insurance contacted Quansah-Okoe’s solicitors and invited them to withdraw the claim after viewing the CCTV footage.

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