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Research by the British Veterinary Association & FSA research tell us that Halal and kosher abattoirs cut the throats of 2.4 million sheep and goats without stunning in the latest recorded year. This is an increase of 60 per cent on the previous year. This trend is unacceptable. UKIP support the BVA and RSPCA in calling for a ban on non-stun slaughter.

A UKIP spokesman said, “Animal and veterinary science has long concluded that cutting the throats of animals whilst they are fully conscious can cause significant distress and pain.

“We see no reason why religious groups should not take into account the concerns of animal welfare when carrying out slaughter.

“We find the government response to this issue is weak, lazy and bordering on spineless. It says it would ‘prefer’ animals to be stunned before slaughter but that it must ‘respect the rights of Jewish and Muslim communities to eat meat in accordance with their beliefs’.

“It’s about time someone stood up for the rights of the silent majority in the ethical treatment of animals, instead of bowing down to those who shout the loudest.

“We respect the right of religious groups to carry out slaughter in the UK according to the way they define and read their scriptures. What we do not allow, however, is the rights and demands of groups within those religions to override the UK’s compassionate traditions of animal welfare.

“There is a significant number of UK consumers that would prefer not to eat meat killed by religious slaughter. So, UKIP will also write into law that all animal meat produce will have mandatory labelling – providing clearly both the method of production and slaughter – giving people greater transparency and choice.”

You won’t find this policy statement on UKIP’s web site anymore. Farage was on the horns of a dilemma and has made policy on the hoof again.

Compare Nigel’s embarrassing policy U-turn with Patria’s published manifesto committment to ban ritual slaughter on the grounds of animal welfare.

“All forms of ritual slaughter will be banned, as inhumane methods of slaughter, on the grounds of animal welfare. Where such meat is imported and sold retail it must be clearly labelled halal or kosher, as the case may be.

“Public institutions, such as schools, colleges, hospitals and prisons, shall be prohibited from providing halal or kosher meat in their catering, other than as an alternative which is clearly identified as such on menus.”

From the Patria Manifesto.

That’s the difference between a party with a democratic constitution and an Establishment media puffed one-man band.

Patria is the one and only party with both the courage and the intelligence to put our people first.

To save the country for your grandchildren: Vote Patria on 7 May!