Hell hath no fury like an MEP scorned

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Former UKIP MEP in court accused of money laundering

2 February 2015

Former UKIP MEP for the West Midlands, Nikki Sinclaire is due in court today accused of money laundering and misconduct in public office.

Sinclaire, who lost her seat at the European Parliament, was charged in July last year with claiming false travel expenses and then laundering the money by moving it between accounts while representing the Midlands in Europe.

She denies the allegations.

Patria says:-

Perhaps Nigel Farage can provide a character reference for this former close colleague.

In 2004, Sinclaire came out as lesbian in a letter to the LGBT newspaper The Pink Paper.[54] She however stated that she had no desire to be the leader of an LGBT group within UKIP.[54]

In November 2013 Sinclaire said that she knew she had feelings of being female since the age of three, but went through many agonizing years after being told she could not get sex reassignment surgery until she was 21 years old.[55] She was able to start hormone replacement therapy earlier than that, and underwent gender reassignment at the age of 23.[55][56] This announcement made her the UK’s first openly transgender Parliamentarian.[57] She said that after becoming a trans woman she started to explore her sexual attraction to women, and after being raped by a man, she was confident she was lesbian.[58]