Heaping up the funeral pyre

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An Enemy Within

By Dick Franklin

The Government has at last admitted there are some 12,000 foreign criminals living in Britain including rapists, murderers, terrorists and drug dealers. These include criminals from Pakistan, Lithuania, Iran, Romania, Iraq, India and numerous other third world countries. Of these, some 1,000 were supposed to have been deported but they have either disappeared or the Home Office claim they do not have the resources to remove them. Some of these have offended several times and others have managed to obtain British Citizenship in spite of their records. My own view is that these figures are woefully understated and nobody is prepared to reveal the true number.

All this is in spite of an undertaking given by the previous Labour government which promised that such persons would be removed without delay. Leaving aside whether these persons should have been admitted in the first place, this is yet another broken and I would suggest cynical promise.

All this shows the wisdom of the Patria policy, that the UK Border and Customs forces should be massively increased and given greater powers. In my view such a force should not just be civilians in uniforms but a fully trained paramilitary force with the same powers and methods as the police.

While all this is going on, we learn that masses of EU immigrants are coming here just to claim state benefits, which they then use to build luxury houses in their countries of origin. Some even claim for children who are not even in the UK. It all leaves me speechless, especially as certain elements in the EU keep demanding that we take in more. And now we are told we must accept Syrian refugees. HOW RIGHT ENOCH WAS – Would that he were here now!