Halal on the sly = shariatization by stealth

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Halal meats

In the article ‘College in a stew over halal meat’ (Observer, 11 September) it was reported Chichester College had admitted serving halal meat in its main restaurant, but claimed to have received no complaints.

In order to complain about a thing one needs to know it is happening.

Yet it would appear from the article that patrons of the main refectory were not informed that the chicken and lamb on offer was halal – unless they asked! Why did the word halal not appear on the refectory’s menu cards?

Halal slaughter requires an animal’s throat to be cut with a knife while still alive and conscious. The victim is then hung upside down for several minutes until all the blood has drained from its body. During this procedure a prayer is recited over it.

Patria will ban both halal and kosher slaughter on grounds of animal welfare and ensure any such imported meat sold retail is clearly labelled as halal or kosher. Visit the Home of Patriots at

Dr A Emerson
Patria Candidate for Chichester

Chichester Observer