Government’s disintegration star is falling

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Dear Marriage supporter

The Government’s integration tsar, Dame Louise Casey, said last month that Roman Catholic schools must support same-sex ‘marriage’. Her comments caused deep alarm to many people.

But there is good news. It looks like Dame Louise has been having second thoughts.

The Department for Communities and Local Government has issued a letter to a C4M supporter, announcing that Dame Louise has backed down. It says: “Dame Louise is a supporter of the right to gay marriage [sic] now enshrined in law, however she does respect and understand the Catholic Church’s long-held view that marriage is between a man and a woman, even if that is not her own view.”

The letter continues: “She is not threatening the right of the Church or individuals of faith to hold that view, or to include it in teaching it [sic] as a fundamental tenet of faith. That is indeed an important aspect of a shared British value of freedom of religious expression.”

This is a significant climb-down for Louise Casey and shows that the Government does not support her original comments about RC schools. C4M supporters immediately took action to object. It’s another example of you making a difference for marriage.

Northern Ireland

People in Northern Ireland go to the polls on 2 March to vote in the Assembly election. Marriage is a big issue in the election.

Northern Ireland remains the only part of the UK to uphold the true definition of marriage. But activists are incessantly demanding that Stormont bow to their wishes and redefine marriage.

C4M supporters in Northern Ireland: please be ready to ask your candidates if they will vote for the true definition of marriage in the new Assembly.

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Yours sincerely

Colin Hart
Campaign Director
Coalition for Marriage