Government must support the family not weaken it

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Dear Marriage supporter

This year we have written to you about government policy initiatives to make divorce easier, teach children about same-sex ‘marriage’ and allow people to ‘change’ sex with the stroke of a pen.

But what if our legislators put the married family front and centre of policy-making, instead of special interest groups devoted to minority lifestyles?

In some parts of the world, notably in Central and Eastern Europe, this has begun to happen.

Lessons from Hungary

Katalin Novàk, Hungarian Minister of State for the Family, Youth and International Affairs, spoke earlier this year about her nation’s policies to support married families and the raising of children.

Hungary encourages couples to marry through shared family tax allowances and benefits as well as holiday camps for children, reduced mortgage bills for married couples with three or more children and student debt relief for university educated women who marry and start families.

The results have been remarkable. Since 2010, Hungary can boast:

An increase in the number of live births

A rise in the national fertility rate

A fall in the number of abortions each year by almost a third

A rapid rise in the number of marriages

A fall in the number of divorces

More women in employment

For decades now it seems that our political classes worry only about managing the decline of the traditional family unit.

However these results from Hungary show that it is possible for the state to support the family, not subvert it. How refreshing it would be were any ‘mainstream’ British party to pay serious attention to the example of Hungary and countries like it.

Yours sincerely

Thomas Pascoe
Campaign Director
Campaign for Marriage (C4M)

Patria says:

This is excellent news from a country enjoying some of the advantages a nationalistic government brings. We look forward to the day a British government adopts similar, or even stronger policies aimed at strengthening real, traditional Christian marriage and the family.

Note Mr Pascoe’s qualification, in the final sentence of his letter: ‘mainstream’ British party. What Mr Pascoe should understand is that the anti-family policies of all the so-called mainstream parties, namely those with MPs sitting in the House of Treason, did not drop from the sky, nor was their insidious implementation over a generation an accident, happening by chance.

The state sponsored erosion of marriage and the family has been the result of the deliberate acts of all the so-called mainstream parties. This crime has been aided and abetted at every turn by the political and media Establishment of both the UK and EU.

Only Patria, a patriotic party from within the mainstream of British nationalism, has the family friendly policies our country needs in order to: reverse the decline in the birth rate of our ethnically indigenous British folk; and free ourselves from the harmful effects of mass immigration from the third world and Eastern Europe.