Goverment’s politically ‘correct’ newspeak to brainwash our children

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Dear Marriage supporter

The Government has announced plans to force all primary schools – state and private – to teach ‘Relationships Education’.

This could lead to all sorts of alternative lifestyles – including same-sex ‘marriage’ – being taught to young children in schools. The lessons would be compulsory. No parental right of withdrawal has been provided. This all threatens to supplant the role of parents in bringing up their own children.

New Clause 15, which Ministers have tabled as an amendment to the Children and Social Work Bill, will be debated on Tuesday next week, 7 March. Please contact your MP today to express concerns.

This move supersedes the earlier proposal we raised with you recently, tabled by MPs David Burrowes and Maria Miller, which paved the way for the Government’s new policy.

New Clause 15 will allow the Government to issue regulations which set out the framework for ‘Relationships Education’ for primary schools and ‘Relationships and Sex Education’ for secondary schools. There will be a public consultation on draft regulations. So whatever happens the battle will go on for some months yet.

Unfortunately the Government is providing no moral boundaries and using very vague terms such as “different relationships” and “healthy relationships, including self-respect and respect for others, commitment, tolerance…”. As we have said before, there is a real danger of confusing respect for people (which is right) and respect for all types of relationships (which is not right).

Given the way Ofsted has already behaved, it would see the new subject as carte blanche to downgrade schools or intimidate teachers who do not conform to political ‘correctness’.

Please contact your MP today and ask them to speak out against New Clause 15. Ask why no safeguards are included to protect the beliefs of teachers and children who do not agree with same-sex ‘marriage’. Ask at what age children will be taught about same-sex ‘marriage’. Ask what steps the Government will take to ensure that young people hear the view that marriage should be between a man and a woman.

C4M will continue to do everything we can to protect children in schools.

Please take swift action today.

Using your own words, you may wish to make one or two of the following points:

Ask how the Government will stop same-sex ‘marriage’ being pushed onto young children in the new subject of relationships education.

Say there should be a parental right of withdrawal from primary school relationships education.

Ask how the free speech of teachers and pupils who disagree with same-sex ‘marriage’ will be protected.

Ask what steps the Government will take to ensure that Ofsted does not discriminate against any school where pupils or teachers hold to traditional marriage.

Say that parents should remain in control of teaching their children about sensitive issues.

Yours sincerely

Colin Hart
Campaign Director
Coalition for Marriage