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Dear Marriage supporter

The freedom to maintain that marriage is only between one man and one woman is back on the front line of the culture wars.

In Scotland, a church has been unceremoniously booted out of its building after the landlord discovered it did not embrace same-sex ‘marriage’.

Stirling Free Church was renting premises owned by The Robertson Trust. But when Chairwoman Shonaig Macpherson discovered this, she was said to be “incandescent with anger” and reported to have exclaimed: “definitely not the Free Church, anyone but the Free Church, they don’t believe in same-sex marriage”.

Rightly, the church is now suing the multimillion-pound charitable trust. The freedom to defend true marriage needs protecting.

Remember our popular publication Punished for believing in traditional marriage: 30 cases? It looks like we need to make room for one more. We hope that in this case, justice will be done.

Messing with marriage

A consultation by The Law Commission for England and Wales on plans that would profoundly undermine the seriousness of the marriage ceremony will now run until 4 January 2021. A couple would be able to get married wherever they want, as long as it meets a vague standard of “safe and dignified”. The proposals also mess with the marriage service, undermining the commitment of marriage.

We will be in touch before the deadline with some tips on responding.

Yours Faithfully

Colin Hart
Coalition for Marriage (C4M)