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With our public finances mortgaged to the max for years to come because of the government’s panicky shut down of the economy, freeing ourselves from the one-sided trading relationship with the EU is even more essential than it was pre-pandemic.

WTO terms will enable us to develop greater self-sufficiency across a range of existing and new UK industries, providing much needed jobs and reducing the deficit.

Our consumers will benefit from cheaper food, clothing and footwear with no loss of quality.

We shall be free to strike trade deals which are in our national interest and have no strings attached in terms of political interference and immigration.

We shall again control our own environmental standards and be able to conserve our marine environment and fish stocks from further degradation by greedy EU factory trawlers.

Most importantly we shall be in control of our own destiny.

Our courts and parliament will not be overruled by foreign bodies.

English Lives Matter.

Lift the Lockdown > WTO Brexit > End Immigration