Gallant little Moldova?

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Moldova sounds like the kind of invented country name from which a secret organisation of dastardly villains would set out to challenge Secret Agent 007.

It is in fact real and was part of the former Soviet Union. If its name sounds contrived that is possibly because it was only chosen in 1991, when it became independent. The Republic of Moldova is extremely poor, corrupt, and with democratic deficiencies.

Moldova is thus a perfect candidate for membership of the European Union.

On Tuesday this week, the EU’s High Representative/Vice-President Federica Mogherini met Moldova’s Deputy Prime Minister Iurie Leanca. They discussed the latest developments in the relations between Moldova and the EU and specifically talked about the progress of Moldova towards ‘association’ status. This is the next stage on the route to full EU membership.


The Republic of Moldova borders Romania, which joined the EU in 2007. It is therefore perfectly conceivable that the EU should wish to bring this new member’s neighbour into the orbit of the European Union.

Moldova also neighbours the Ukraine. Many blame the EU’s clumsy cosying up to Ukraine for Russia’s current conflict there, with Moscow having seized the Crimean peninsula back in 2014 and having been arming its rebels in Eastern Ukraine since then.


Population: 3m

Language: Romanian

Area: 13,000 square miles (UK: 94,000 sq ml)

Moldovan GDP: $6.7bn

UK GDP: $2,629bn – 390 times bigger

Sources: UN, IMF


Firstly, we are not for one moment suggesting that Moldova will be joining the EU tomorrow. Apart from anything else, it has to wait its turn behind other Balkan countries, as we reported a few weeks ago.

Nevertheless, the Moldovan Deputy Prime Minister has “for European Integration” in his official title, and this is not because his business card needed some space filled. “European” does of course mean “European Union” – that’s how the EU likes to style itself – even though it only includes just over half the countries in Europe.

Moldova is one of the poorest countries in the world – certainly it’s the poorest in Europe. It ranks 146th out of the 191 countries listed in the IMF’s GDP list for 2016. Above it in the table you will find economic powerhouses such as Rwanda, Haiti, and the Congo.


You voted Remain, yes, but what kind of Remain did you vote for?

We don’t recall there being an option on the Referendum ballot paper for remaining in an EU with countries like Moldova and the Balkan countries joining? Were you happy to pay billions extra each year to subsidise these countries for a generation?

Or were you voting for the EU which will soon have a standard corporate tax regime and an EU National Insurance Number? Or the EU which will steadily take over the UK’s defence forces? Or the EU which plans to abandon the UK’s rebate – and all rebates – so that the UK pays £4.4 bn more each year? At 2015 prices. We could go on.

The simple fact is that the uncertainties surrounding a vote for Remain were far in excess of those surrounding a vote to Leave. A vote to Leave was – and still is – a simple proposition. It involves leaving the current morass and all its tawdriness.

A vote to Remain was – and still is – a vote for the dysfunctional present plus a whole host of goodness knows what. You only have to look at what the EU is now planning to see that our warnings were justified.

Before the Referendum you didn’t have to be a secret agent to discover some of the worst things the EU was planning. We published daily, trying to warn people. It’s a shame the Vote Leave management didn’t seem to know much about the EU’s plans, or to communicate them effectively if they did know. Instead they focused on a stupid claim which they put on the side of a bus, which has caused nothing but grief to all of us who never used or claimed that.


We shall continue to show voters just what we have escaped from, with the Brexit vote. With all the Remoaners still trying to destroy the democratic decision of the British people, it’s essential someone does this.

And with Theresa May seemingly unable to direct her Remain-dominated cabinet to implement a full, clean Brexit, it seems we need to fight the Remoaners as well as the enemies within.


Name: Brexiter Braintree Essex, UK Date/Time: 27 Jan 2018, 09.32am

Message: Another poor corrupt country tries to join the EU gravy train: “quelle surprise”. The concept sold to the UK in 1972, when we joined the Common Market, was to join a trading bloc of countries with similar cultural values and to TRADE goods and services on a tariff free basis. This was also the aim, or appeared to be the aim of the other members of the then EEC. The whole concept of tariff free trade alone was our reason for joining. The EU has now become “the project” and trade alone is no longer their aim. The cost of the UK contributions to EU budget has been estimated as a levy of 6 per cent on our exports to the bloc. On the agenda now is total integration into a federal European Union and no trade is worth that prospect for the UK. We must just leave, at any cost. Freedom and 1000 years of British history are at stake.