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Real lives, real people and Brexit

Last week the antics of the political Establishment strained the patience of the long-suffering electorate even further

Sunday, 17 March, 2019

Brexit Facts4EU.Org

Four Cabinet Ministers refused to vote for the Government’s flagship policy. They remain in post.

The Government Chief Whip couldn’t bring himself to vote for the Government’s motion on Brexit.

The Minister responsible for Brexit said “I commend this motion to the House” and then promptly voted against it.

The Chancellor used his Spring Statement on the economy to propound a completely different Brexit strategy to the official Government one.

Cabinet abstainers

Amber Rudd, Greg Clark, David Mundell, David Gauke – Cabinet Ministers who defied the whip last week

And that’s only on the Government side of the House.

On the Opposition front bench Jeremy Corbyn backed a second referendum but whipped his party against it.

The Losers’ Vote campaign who insist on a second referendum voted against a second referendum.

Meanwhile in Washington the anti-UK Irish T-shock Leo Varadkar told President Trump that “It will be many years before the United Kingdom is able to make any trade deals, so surely it makes sense to make one with the EU first.”

No-one in Westminster contemplating Mrs May’s surrender document, which precludes such a UK-US trade, deal even batted an eyelid.

We could go on.

Let’s forget Brexit for a minute

Impossible to forget Brexit? Well, let’s make a superhuman effort.

Putting aside all the inane ramblings of a commentariat obsessed with the minutiae of political machinations in Westminster, one issue finally climbed above Brexit in importance: Democracy.

At last the ‘mainstream’ media are talking about democracy. Several newspapers carried opinion pieces on this subject to such an extent that readers might almost think they cared.

The metropolitan malaise

In reality, the media is just as much a part of the London political Establishment as the politicians. The BBC might send its Children’s TV presenters (masquerading as adult presenters and journalists) up to its Manchester studios but they are merely ‘London Elite – North’.

Even some of the mainstream pro-Brexit organizations are wholly trapped within the Westminster bubble. Brexit Facts4EU.Org is one of the very few pro-Brexit groups which isn’t based in London.

Meanwhile, in the real world…

On Friday our friends from Fishing for Leave organized a flotilla of fishing boats down the Tyne, with an accompanying street march replete with marching band.

This was a magnificent effort by Fishing for Leave and the people of Tyneside and we were pleased to promote it in advance.

The unacceptable face of what we’re facing

In the real world there are real people who vote in elections. They are now faced with local elections in May this year, the possibility of EU Parliament elections in the same month, and – at some point – a general election by 2022.

Who on earth can we vote for?

The political Establishment spend a great deal of time lecturing us on the ‘Parliamentary arithmetic’ and the impossibility of getting a true, clean Brexit through the House of Commons, but they do not yet seem to have fully taken on board the ever-widening chasm between ordinary people and the main political parties.

If you are a Labour voter in Pontefract (Leave vote 69.3%) how can you vote for a woman (Yvette Cooper MP) determined to overturn Brexit by any means possible?

If you are a Conservative voter in Hastings (Leave vote 55.9%) how can you vote for a Government Minister (Amber Rudd MP) who is such an EU-lover that she can’t even vote for Mrs May’s EU surrender document? She just wants to remain.

And if you are a LibDem voter then frankly you’re in the wrong party – sorry.

The new political landscape

The new political landscape of the country has not yet emerged, but it will.

Our mission is to shine light on the EU and Brexit by researching and publishing information which you simply don’t see anywhere else. Sadly, the political Establishment has fallen to such a level of absurdity that it impacts dramatically on the democratically-expressed wish of the British people to leave the EU.

We started pointing out this democratic deficit disorder (DDO) while Mrs May was campaigning to become Prime Minister. We lost many readers as a result but it’s interesting so many have come back and that we have gained so many new readers.

MPs and most of the commentariat seem to have no idea of the carnage to come.

If MPs, Councillors, candidates and all those involved in running Brexit-betraying political parties are not now seriously worried, they should be.

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