Full, clean Brexit now!

By August 13, 2018February 18th, 2021No Comments

99% of the benefits of leaving the EU, including the avoidance of vast financial contributions, the elimination of tariffs and the reacquisition of fishing rights, need no agreement from any third party. The PM can avoid most current problems by prioritizing these areas. We are frequently asked about the effect of Brexit on the company and the economy. The main advantage of Brexit is that the EU is a protectionist system that imposes high tariffs on non-EU imports such as wine, rice, coffee, oranges, children’s shoes and clothes, and over 12,000 other products. Leaving the EU allows the UK to adopt the approach of countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, Switzerland and Australia by dismantling these tariff walls, which improves general living standards.

Tim Martin, Head of Wetherspoon, 11/7/18