Free vote by MPs on Britain’s withdrawal from EU

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Dr Andrew Emerson

As for ‘extremist’. You couldn’t find anything more extreme than what Lib-Lab-Con are doing to our country. That other party to which you allude turned thinking people away because of its financial corruption and repulsive leader, not its policies, which remain popular and reasonable and broadly similar to those of Patria.

I repeat: we do not need an in-out referendum, the result of which will not be binding in any case. What we need and what Patria demands is a free vote of MPs in the House of Commons. This could be done before the general election in May next year and armed with the knowledge of the way each MP voted we would all know for whom to vote at that election. Simple.


With MP’s more concerned with themselves rather than the people they are supposed to represent, relying on them to do what is best for the country is in my opinion a definite no.

Any constitutional change in Britain is supposed to go to the people in a referendum.

Our politicians have ducked and dived lied and obfuscated ever since we joined the Common Market under Ted Heath. The majority of the people were against joining so Heath ignored the people and the constitution by going directly to MP’s. The rest is history.

Dr Andrew Emerson

trismus, the result of a referendum is not legally binding on government, whereas a vote in the UK parliament is. Furthermore, a government can always manipulate the result of a referendum through the wording of the question(s) on the ballot paper, setting the funding limits for the campaign expenditure of each side too high so as unfairly to advantage the pro-EU campaign’s big business and media supporters, etc. This is the reason referendums are so popular with dictators. The result can always be fixed by the powers that be.

MPs know that the way they voted in a free vote on the question of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU would be made known to their constituents and that they would be likely to lose their seats at the general election unless they voted for leaving the EU. The government knows this too. This is why Cameron is pulling the wool over the eyes of the public with his conditional promise of a referendum. If he were not sure he could fix the outcome he would not have made the promise.

There was no referendum before Britain joined the EU in 1973. And we don’t need one in order to leave it. All we need is a free vote of MPs in the House of Commons on the question. Any MP who votes to stay in loses their seat at the general election in May.