‘Free’ Trade isn’t free

By December 16, 2020February 18th, 2021No Comments

The negotiation of a free trade agreement between the UK and EU is unlike any other free trade agreement negotiated between countries in that we are not negotiating a change in the status quo on trade.

We already have free trade with the EU and greatly to our detriment I might add. Each and every year we suffer a deficit of more than ninety billion pounds on our trade in goods with the EU countries collectively, though in practice Germany is the largest beneficiary of this unbalanced relationship.

We voted in 2016 by a majority of more than a million to leave the EU largely because of this unfairness in our trading relationship.

So why, you may well ask, are we now four and a half years on still subject to this one-sided “free trade” and still paying a billion pounds each month into the EU budget for the dubious privilege?

The answer is simple: it was the people who believed in Britain’s ability to be more successful outside the EU than inside its confines, not our elected leaders.

English Lives Matter. Rule, Britannia.

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