Free speech is under attack by extremists in parliament

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Contact your MP to oppose dangerous anti-free speech law

Dear Marriage supporter

We recently wrote to you about the Home Secretary’s plans for sweeping new powers to silence ‘extremists’ and disrupt their activities.

Now we’re asking you to email your MP and urge them to oppose these plans.

Although we back the Government’s fight against terrorism, we oppose its draconian plans for Extremism Disruption Orders (EDOs). Read more in our short briefing.

These new proposals are so vague that they would jeopardise the free speech of traditional marriage supporters. C4M itself has already been labelled ‘extreme’ by some who support same-sex ‘marriage’.

Ofsted inspectors have been questioning primary school pupils about homosexual ‘marriage’. Now Education Secretary Nicky Morgan is suggesting that if a pupil believes that ‘homosexuality is wrong’, this could raise extremism concerns.

Her comments attracted widespread criticism even from strong supporters of homosexual rights – The Guardian’s Owen Jones and the NUT said that the approach would close down discussion in schools.

And Ian Dunt, editor of, wondered whether Nicky Morgan should turn herself in to the authorities as she used to oppose same-sex ‘marriage’! He asked: “Will Catholic or Jewish faith schools face daily visits from the inspectors? Will a socially conservative teacher find themselves under investigation?” He thinks “probably not”, but we must not leave things to chance – we must take action now to demand that the Government backs away from a catch-all power to censor free speech.

Under the plans, even the mere risk of causing “distress” to someone would be enough to trigger one of these dangerous gagging orders.

To say that we should just rely on the courts to protect us is not good enough. Recent rulings such as the Ashers case in Northern Ireland make it clear that the courts do not always uphold the free speech of those who believe in real marriage.

We need to take action now before these dangerous proposals become law.

Please email your MP today. Urge him to oppose these proposals.

Say you are a constituent and, using your own words:

Ask them to vote against any plans for wide-ranging EDOs.

Say that wide-ranging EDOs are wrong in principle – people should be free to disagree.

Say that no Home Secretary should have the power to regulate ordinary political debate or free speech.

Say that there are already many laws such as the Public Order Act which address the Government’s concerns.

Say that Nicky Morgan’s remarks have led to fear and confusion. Ask your MP to demand that the Government provides a cast-iron guarantee that extremism investigations will not be triggered by pupils or teachers opposing same-sex ‘marriage’.

Remind them that before becoming Justice Minister, Dominic Raab cited those who object to homosexual ‘marriage’ as an example of people who could fall foul of the law.

Email your MP today.

Yours sincerely

Colin Hart
Campaign Director
Coalition for Marriage

Patria says:-

Not content with the exclusion of nationalist ideas from the BBC and most of the corporate media, government plans to tighten the screws still further on free speech. Instead of going after the preachers of hate in their mosques, government plans to use the very situation of growing insecurity their open door immigration policies have created to silence patriotic dissent.

The real extremists include not only Muslim rape gangs and jihadist ‘fighters’ but the traitorous MPs and peers who allow these terrorists into our country and not only fail to deport them but actually pander to them, while using their presence as a pretext to silence democratic dissent by British nationalists. The Establishment politicians are running scared of the truth because they know that once our people discover what they have done to our country their time will be up.

In this 800th anniversary year of Magna Carta, let’s show them that Englishmen will never be slaves.

Join us in the fight for freedom!