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Britain should make a ‘clean break’ from the EU with NO transition deal to avoid a Brexit ‘muddle’, billionaire inventor James Dyson says

Dyson was a leading business supporter of Brexit at last year’s EU referendum

Inventor said a ‘clean break’ Brexit would be better than a transition ‘muddle’

Intervention came as Michael Howard renewed criticism of Michel Barnier

By Tim Sculthorpe, Deputy Political Editor For Mailonline

14 September 2017

Billionaire inventor Sir James Dyson today urged the Government to abandon hopes of a transitional Brexit deal and instead go for a ‘clean break’.

The vacuum innovator said a phased exit would be a ‘muddle’ and claimed it would not be a ‘big deal’ to go straight to exit in March 2019.

Sir James also claimed Europe was a ‘declining part of world trade’ and said the most crucial thing was to make clear to business what the rules would be and when.

The intervention came as former Tory leader Michael Howard claimed the EU was approaching the Brexit talks – and stalling on a trade deal – as if it had won a war with the UK rather than as one side seeking an amicable deal.

Sir James told Sky News that a transitional agreement would be ‘a muddle’.

‘You end up having to do one transitional arrangement, and then another one. So just have a clean break, it’s not a big deal.’

Sir James, a leading business supporter of Leave at the referendum, added:’Europe is a declining part of world trade.

‘It’s now down to 12 per cent and in about five years’ time it will be 9 per cent of world trade’.

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