For us WTO terms beats any deal EU27 can offer

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A clean break from the dying EU is what we need. Why should the world’s fifth largest economy concern itself with a mob of bailed out beggars?

It’s pointless wasting any more time talking to them. They are not negotiating in good faith and never have.

Nothing they can offer in terms of a deal is as good for the UK as trading with them on WTO terms. I said nothing THEY can offer. We should certainly sign off a deal with the like of Australia, New Zealand, etc, if the terms are in our national interest.

And they are much more likely to be so, as their economies are more complementary to ours than that of Germany and the other twenty-six EU countries.

With no jurisdiction by the European Court of Injustice we shall have full control of our Exclusive Economic Zone and be able to state aid new homegrown industries which will provide much needed jobs for our people.

After we leave the customs union and internal market at the end of the year we shall trade with the EU losers on WTO terms. The UK will have access to the EU market on WTO terms in the absence of a deal.

The three countries which export the most to the EU are, in order: China, with 361 billion euros; the United States, with 231 billion euros; and Russia, with 143 billion euros. Not one of them has an FTA with the EU. Instead they have a number of ad hoc sectoral agreements.

We can do the same, with them and/or other countries, if we deem it to be in our interest to do so. What they can do the UK can do better. But we should also work on increasing our self-sufficiency by bringing manufacturing jobs home.

WTO terms will suit us perfectly because we buy far more from EU countries (mainly Germany) than we sell to them. Consequently, our public finances will benefit from tariffs on EU imports to the tune of a few billion pounds each year, while our consumers will benefit from the cheaper prices of imported food, clothing and footwear from other non-EU countries to which we shall no longer apply the EU common external tariff.

Our restored fishing industry will quickly grow again to be worth more than ten billion pounds annually in today’s money. Basically, as long as we tell the EU where to get off it’s a win-win situation for us and the world is our oyster. We shall make better cars than the Germans and better fizz than the French.

Sovereignty alone is a sufficient reason for rejecting the EU’s demand for status quo access to our Exclusive Economic Zone, in order to continue plundering our natural resources.

However, were we to reserve the right to fish in our waters exclusively to our own fishermen, a WTO scenario would present the opportunity progressively to restore our fishing industry to something approaching its former, pre-1973, importance to our economy.

The freedom of action acquired by a clean break with the EU is a game changer that opens up a whole new vista of exciting opportunities – for those with the imagination to seize them.

English Lives Matter. Rule Britannia.

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